Traffic Server URL object construction API.


#include <ts/ts.h>
TSReturnCode TSUrlCreate(TSMBuffer bufp, TSMLoc *locp)
TSReturnCode TSUrlClone(TSMBuffer dest_bufp, TSMBuffer src_bufp, TSMLoc src_url, TSMLoc *locp)
TSReturnCode TSUrlCopy(TSMBuffer dest_bufp, TSMLoc dest_url, TSMBuffer src_bufp, TSMLoc src_url)
TSParseResult TSUrlParse(TSMBuffer bufp, TSMLoc offset, const char **start, const char *end)


The URL data structure is a parsed version of a standard internet URL. The Traffic Server URL API provides access to URL data stored in marshal buffers. The URL functions can create, copy, retrieve or delete entire URLs, and retrieve or modify parts of URLs, such as their host, port or scheme information.

TSUrlCreate() creates a new URL within the marshal buffer bufp. Release the resulting handle with a call to TSHandleMLocRelease().

TSUrlClone() copies the contents of the URL at location src_url within the marshal buffer src_bufp to a location within the marshal buffer dest_bufp. Release the returned handle with a call to TSHandleMLocRelease().

TSUrlCopy() copies the contents of the URL at location src_url within the marshal buffer src_bufp to the location dest_url within the marshal buffer dest_bufp. TSUrlCopy() works correctly even if src_bufp and dest_bufp point to different marshal buffers. It is important for the destination URL (its marshal buffer and TSMLoc) to have been created before copying into it.

TSUrlParse() parses a URL. The start pointer is both an input and an output parameter and marks the start of the URL to be parsed. After a successful parse, the start pointer equals the end pointer. The end pointer must be one byte after the last character you want to parse. The URL parsing routine assumes that everything between start and end is part of the URL. It is up to higher level parsing routines, such as TSHttpHdrParseReq(), to determine the actual end of the URL.

Return Values

The TSUrlParse() function returns a TSParseResult, where TS_PARSE_ERROR indicates an error. Success is indicated by one of TS_PARSE_DONE or TS_PARSE_CONT. The other APIs all return a TSReturnCode, indicating success (TS_SUCCESS) or failure (TS_ERROR) of the operation.

See Also

TSAPI(3ts), TSMBufferCreate(3ts), TSUrlHostGet(3ts), TSUrlHostSet(3ts), TSUrlStringGet(3ts), TSUrlPercentEncode(3ts)