#include <ts/ts.h>
TSAction TSCacheRead(TSCont contp, TSCacheKey key)


Asks the Traffic Server cache if the object corresponding to key exists in the cache and can be read.

If the object can be read, the Traffic Server cache calls the continuation contp back with the event TS_EVENT_CACHE_OPEN_READ. In this case, the cache also passes contp a cache vconnection and contp can then initiate a read operation on that vconnection using TSVConnRead.

If the object cannot be read, the cache calls contp back with the event TS_EVENT_CACHE_OPEN_READ_FAILED. The user (contp) has the option to cancel the action returned by TSCacheRead. Note that reentrant calls are possible, i.e. the cache can call back the user (contp) in the same call.