#include <ts/ts.h>
TSReturnCode TSMimeHdrFieldCreate(TSMBuffer bufp, TSMLoc hdr, TSMLoc *out)
TSReturnCode TSMimeHdrFieldCreateNamed(TSMBuffer bufp, TSMLoc hdr, const char *name, int name_len, TSMLoc *out)


These functions create MIME fields in a MIME header. The header is specified by the combination of the buffer bufp and a location hdr. The header must be either created such as by TSMimeHdrCreate() or be an existing header found via a function such as TSHttpTxnClientReqGet().

TSMimeHdrFieldCreate() creates a completely empty field which must be named before being used in a header, usually via TSMimeHdrFieldNameSet(). It is almost always more convenient to use TSMimeHdrFieldCreateNamed() which combines these two steps, creating the field and then setting the name to name.

For both functions a reference to the new field is returned via out.

The field created is not in a header even though it is in the same buffer. It can be added to a header with TSMimeHdrFieldAppend(). The field also has no value, only a name. If a value is needed it must be added explicitly with a function such as TSMimeHdrFieldValueIntSet().