#include <ts/ts.h>
TSAction TSContSchedule(TSCont contp, TSHRTime timeout)


Schedules contp to run delay milliseconds in the future. This is approximate. The delay will be at least delay but possibly more. Resolutions finer than roughly 5 milliseconds will not be effective. contp is required to have a mutex, which is provided to TSContCreate().

The return value can be used to cancel the scheduled event via TSActionCancel(). This is effective until the continuation contp is being dispatched. However, if it is scheduled on another thread this can be problematic to be correctly timed. The return value can be checked with TSActionDone() to see if the continuation ran before the return, which is possible if timeout is 0. Returns nullptr if thread affinity was cleared.

TSContSchedule() or TSContScheduleEvery() will default to set the thread affinity to the calling thread when no affinity is already set for example, using TSContThreadAffinitySet()

Note that the TSContSchedule() family of API shall only be called from an ATS EThread. Calling it from raw non-EThreads can result in unpredictable behavior.