Allows a plugin take over the servicing of the request as though it was the origin server.


#include <ts/ts.h>
void TSHttpTxnIntercept(TSCont contp, TSHttpTxn txnp)


contp will be sent TS_EVENT_NET_ACCEPT. The edata passed with TS_EVENT_NET_ACCEPT is an TSVConn just as it would be for a normal accept. The plugin must act as if it is an HTTP server and read the HTTP request and body off the TSVConn and send an HTTP response header and body.

TSHttpTxnIntercept() must be called be called from only TS_HTTP_READ_REQUEST_HDR_HOOK. Using TSHttpTxnIntercept will bypass the Traffic Server cache. If response sent by the plugin should be cached, use TSHttpTxnServerIntercept() instead. TSHttpTxnIntercept() primary use is allow plugins to serve data about their functioning directly.

TSHttpTxnIntercept() must only be called once per transaction.