#include <ts/ts.h>
TSReturnCode TSHttpHdrUrlGet(TSMBuffer bufp, TSMLoc offset, TSMLoc *locp)


Get a URL object from an HTTP header. bufp and offset must have been retrieved from a header object previously (such as via TSHttpTxnClientReqGet()). locp is updated on success to refer to the URL object. Note this is a URL object, from which URL related information can be extracted.

The value placed in locp is stable only for a single callback, as other callbacks can change the URL object itself (see TSHttpHdrUrlSet()), not just the data in it. That value is also valid only if this function return TS_SUCCESS.

See Also

TSAPI(3ts), TSHttpTxnClientReqGet(3ts), TSHttpTxnServerReqGet(3ts), TSHttpTxnServerRespGet(3ts), TSHttpTxnClientRespGet(3ts)