Traffic Server TLS server context creation.


#include <ts/ts.h>
TSSslContext TSSslServerContextCreate(TSSslX509 *cert, char *certname)
void TSSslContextDestroy(TSSslContext ctx)


TSSslServerContextCreate() creates a new TLS server context. The context is configured using the TLS settings specified in records.config. The user can pass certificate object(TSSslX509 cert and certname (const char* certname) optionally. This function sets the certificate status callback and initializes OCSP stapling data if cert and certname is provided and ocsp is enabled globally. TSSslServerContextCreate() returns nullptr on failure.

TSSslContextDestroy() destroys a TLS context created by TSSslServerContextCreate(). If ctx is nullptr no operation is performed.


type TSSslContext

The SSL context object. This is an opaque type that can be cast to the underlying SSL library type (SSL_CTX * for the OpenSSL library).

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