Traffic Server API’s related to Accept objects


#include <ts/ts.h>
TSAcceptor TSAcceptorGet(TSVConn sslp)
TSAcceptor TSAcceptorGetbyID(int id)
int TSAcceptorIDGet(TSAcceptor acceptor)
int TSAcceptorCount()


Traffic Server allows plugins to get information from an accept object that created a certain TSVConn object using the above mentioned APIs. An acceptor thread listens for incoming connections and creates the virtual connection (TSVConn) for each accepted connection.

TSAcceptorGet() returns TSAcceptor object that created sslp.

TSAcceptorGetbyID() returns the TSAcceptor object identified by id. TSAcceptor represents the acceptor object created by the core traffic server.

TSAcceptorIDGet() returns the Integer number that identifies acceptor. All the cloned TSAcceptor objects will have the same identifying number.

TSAcceptorCount() returns the number of TSAcceptor objects created by the server.