#include <ts/ts.h>
TSAction TSHostLookup(TSCont contp, const char *hostname, size_t namelen)


Attempts host name resolution for the given hostname with length namelen. When a result is ready the handler of contp is called with the TS_EVENT_HOST_LOOKUP event and a TSHostLookupResult. Use TSHostLookupResultAddrGet() to retrieve the resulting address from the TSHostLookupResult.

A call to TSHostLookup() may be synchronous—in which case the handler for contp will be called with the answer before the call to TSHostLookup() returns—or the call to TSHostLookup() may be asynchronous—in which case it returns immediately with a TSAction, and the handler contp will be called in the future. See Actions for guidance.

In particular, contp must have been created with a TSMutex; see TSContCreate()