Header Frequency Plugin

The Header Frequency plugin keeps track of the number of times headers have been seen in transactions. Two separate counteres are kept for the origin and the client. This information is accessible via the log plugin message. By default the data is sent to traffic.out but it can alternatively be appended to an arbitrary file. The following logs the stats to traffic.out:

traffic_ctl plugin msg header_freq log

The following appends the stats to /tmp/log.txt. Note that this file must be writeable by the traffic_server process’s user:

traffic_ctl plugin msg header_freq log:/tmp/log.txt


Since Header Frequency plugin is an expiremental plugin. To make this plugin available, you must enable experimental plugins when building Traffic Server by passing the -DBUILD_EXPERIMENTAL_PLUGINS=ON to the cmake command when building.

Once built, add the following line to plugin.config and restart Traffic Server to use it: