Traffic Server asynchronous Fetch API.


#include <ts/ts.h>
void TSFetchPages(TSFetchUrlParams_t *)
TSFetchSM TSFetchUrl(const char *, int, sockaddr const *, TSCont, TSFetchWakeUpOptions, TSFetchEvent)
void TSFetchFlagSet(TSFetchSM, int)
TSFetchSM TSFetchCreate(TSCont, const char *, const char *, const char *, struct sockaddr const *, int)
void TSFetchHeaderAdd(TSFetchSM, const char *, int, const char *, int)
void TSFetchWriteData(TSFetchSM, const void *, size_t)
ssize_t TSFetchReadData(TSFetchSM, void *, size_t)
void TSFetchLaunch(TSFetchSM)
void TSFetchDestroy(TSFetchSM)
void TSFetchUserDataSet(TSFetchSM, void *)
void* TSFetchUserDataGet(TSFetchSM)
TSMBuffer TSFetchRespHdrMBufGet(TSFetchSM)
TSMLoc TSFetchRespHdrMLocGet(TSFetchSM)


Traffic Server provides a number of routines for fetching resources asynchronously. These API are useful to support a number of use cases that may involve sideways calls, while handling the client request. Some typical examples include centralized rate limiting framework, database lookups for login/authentication, refreshing configs in the background asynchronously, ESI etc.