#include <ts/ts.h> #include <ts/remap.h>


The Apache Traffic Server API provides large number of types. Many of them are specific to a particular API function or function group, but others are used more widely. Those are described on this page.

type ink_hrtime
type INK_MD5

Buffer type sufficient to contain an MD5 hash value.

class INK_MD5

See INK_MD5.

class RecRawStatBlock

A data block intended to contain Traffic Server statistics.

type TSAction
type TSCacheKey
type TSConfig
type TSConfigDestroyFunc
type TSCont

An opaque type that represents a Traffic Server continuation.

type TSEventFunc
type TSFile
type TSHostLookupResult

A type representing the result of a call to TSHostLookup(). Use with TSHostLookupResultAddrGet().

type TSHRTime

“High Resolution Time”

A 64 bit time value, measured in nanoseconds.

type TSHttpParser
type TSHttpSsn

An opaque type that represents a Traffic SeUuirver session.

type TSHttpTxn

An opaque type that represents a Traffic Server HTTP transaction.

type TSIOBuffer
type TSIOBufferBlock
type TSIOBufferReader
type TSIOBufferSizeIndex
type TSLifecycleHookID

An enumeration that identifies a life cycle hook.

type TSMBuffer
type TSMgmtCounter
type TSMgmtFloat

The type used internally for a floating point value. This corresponds to the value TS_RECORDDATATYPE_FLOAT for TSRecordDataType.

type TSMgmtInt

The type used internally for an integer. This corresponds to the value TS_RECORDDATATYPE_INT for TSRecordDataType.

type TSMgmtString
type TSMimeParser
type TSMLoc

A predefined null valued TSMLoc used to indicate the absence of an TSMLoc.

type TSMutex
type TSPluginRegistrationInfo

The following struct is used by TSPluginRegister().

It stores registration information about the plugin.

type TSRemapInterface
type TSRemapRequestInfo
type TSSslX509

This type represents the X509 object created from an SSL certificate.

type TSTextLogObject

This type represents a custom log file that you create with TSTextLogObjectCreate().

Your plugin writes entries into this log file using TSTextLogObjectWrite().

type TSThread
type TSThreadFunc
type TSUuidVersion

A version value for at TSUuid.


A version 4 UUID. Currently only this value is used.


Length of a UUID string.

type TSVConn

A virtual connection. This is the basic mechanism for abstracting I/O operations in Traffic Server.

type TSNetVConnection

A subtype of TSVConn that provides additional IP network information and operations.

type TSVIO
type ModuleVersion

A module version.

type ModuleVersion

A module version.

template<typename T>
class DLL

An anchor for a double linked instrusive list of instance of T.

template<typename T>
class Queue
type TSAcceptor
type TSNextProtocolSet
class VersionNumber

A two part version number, defined in include/tscore/I_Version.h.

short int ink_major

Major version number.

short int ink_minor

Minor version number.