#include <ts/ts.h>

TSNextProtocolSet TSGetcloneProtoSet(TSAcceptor tna)
TSNextProtocolSet TSUnregisterProtocol(TSNextProtocolSet protoset, const char *protocol)
void TSRegisterProtocolSet(TSVConn sslp, TSNextProtocolSet ps)


TSGetcloneProtoSet() makes a copy of the ProtocolSet to be advertised by the ssl connection associated with tna. This function returns TSNextProtocolSet object which points to a clone of the protocolset owned by tna. This type represents the protocolset containing the protocols which are advertised by an ssl connection during ssl handshake. Each TSAcceptor object is associated with a protocolset.

TSUnregisterProtocol() unregisters protocol from protoset and returns the protocol set. The returned protocol set needs to be registered with the TSVConn using TSRegisterProtocolSet() that will advertise the protocols.

TSRegisterProtocolSet() registers ps with sslp. This function clears the protocolset string created by the already registered protocolset before registering the new protocolset. On Success, the ssl object associated with sslp will then advertise the protocols contained in ps.