What’s New in ATS v10.x

This version of Apache Traffic Server™ includes over <x> commits, from <y> pull requests. A total of <z> contributors have participated in this development cycle.

New Features

New or modified Configurations

Combined Connect Timeouts

The configuration settings :ts:cv: proxy.config.http.parent_proxy.connect_attempts_timeout and :ts:cv: proxy.config.http.post_connect_attempts_timeout have been removed. All connect timeouts are controlled by :ts:cv: proxy.config.http.connect_attempts_timeout.

Logging and Metrics


Switch to C++17

Plugins are now required to be compiled as C++ code, rather than straight C. The API is tested with C++17, so code compatible with this version is preferred. TSDebug and related functions are removed. Debug tracing should now be done using cpp:func:Dbg and related functions, as in Traffic Server core code.

C++ Plugin API Deprecated

It is deprecated in this release. It will be deleted in ATS 11.

Symbols With INKUDP Prefix

In the plugin API, all types and functions starting with the prefix INKUDP are removed.