Plugin Registration and Version Checking

If you need you make a plugin that will load against multiple versions of Traffic Server, you can check the API version at both compilation time and run time.

Use the following interfaces:

The plugin registers the plugin and ensures it’s running with a compatible version of Traffic Server.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <ts/ts.h>

TSPluginInit(int argc, const char *argv[])
  (void)argc; // unused
  (void)argv; // unused

  // Get the version:
  const char *ts_version = TSTrafficServerVersionGet();
  if (!ts_version) {
    TSError("[version] Can't get Traffic Server verion.\n");

  // Split it in major, minor, patch:
  int major_ts_version = 0;
  int minor_ts_version = 0;
  int patch_ts_version = 0;

  if (sscanf(ts_version, "%d.%d.%d", &major_ts_version, &minor_ts_version, &patch_ts_version) != 3) {
    TSError("[version] Can't extract verions.\n");

  TSPluginRegistrationInfo info;
  info.plugin_name   = "version-plugin";
  info.vendor_name   = "MyCompany";
  info.support_email = "";

// partial compilation
#if (TS_VERSION_NUMBER < 3000000)
  if (TSPluginRegister(TS_SDK_VERSION_2_0, &info) != TS_SUCCESS) {
#elif (TS_VERSION_NUMBER < 6000000)
  if (TSPluginRegister(TS_SDK_VERSION_3_0, &info) != TS_SUCCESS) {
  if (TSPluginRegister(&info) != TS_SUCCESS) {
    TSError("[version] Plugin registration failed. \n");

  TSDebug("debug-version-plugin", "Running in Apache Traffic Server: v%d.%d.%d", major_ts_version, minor_ts_version,