Building Plugins

The traffic server build provides two ways to help you build your own plugins. First, it provides a pkg-config file name ts.pc installed in lib/pkgconfig. You can use this to discover include and library directories needed to build your plugin. The other provided option is a cmake find-package script that both locates the traffic server libraries, but also provides some function for building a plugin as well as verifying that the plugin produced is loadable by traffic server.

Example Plugin Project

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.20..3.27)

find_package(tsapi REQUIRED)



This example CMakeLists.txt finds the tsapi package which provides the add_atsplugin() and verify_remap_plugin() functions. add_atsplugin() does all of the necessary cmake commands to build a plugins module .so. The function takes the plugin target name and a list of source files that make up the project. If the plugin requires additional libraries, those can be linked with the target_link_libraries() cmake function.

After the plugin target is created, a verify test target can be created. This will add a cmake test declaration and at test time, will run traffic_server in its verify plugin mode. There are two verify functions provided, verify_remap_plugin() and verify_global_plugin(). Use the relevant function for your plugin type (or call both if your plugin is both types). The test will fail if either your plugin does not define the required init function (TSRemapInit() or TSPluginInit()), or if your plugin calls any undefined symbols.

If traffic server is installed in a standard location, or from a package, you might not need the -D options below, but run these commands to build and test your plugin:

cmake -B build -S . -DCMAKE_MODULE_PATH=/opt/ats/lib/cmake
cmake --build build
cmake --build build -t test
cmake --install build

If all of these succeed, you should be able to configure and test your new plugin!