Building the DocumentationΒΆ

All documentation and related files are located in the source tree under the doc/ directory. Makefiles are generated automatiically by the main configure script. For simplicity’s sake, it is recommended that contributors new to the documentation make use of the included Vagrant configurations, as these will take care of providing all dependencies. Please refer to the Using Vagrant to Test Traffic Server chapter for complete details on using Vagrant to build and test the Traffic Server source tree.

With a configured source tree, building the documentation requires only the invocation make html from within doc/. For repeated builds while working on the documentation, it is advisable to clean out the built and intermediate files each time by running the following instead (again, from within the doc/ directory of the Traffic Server source tree):

make clean && make && make html

This will ensure that make doesn’t inadvertantly skip the regeneration of any targets.

To view the built documentation, you may point any browser to the directory doc/docbuild/html/. If you are building the documentation on your local machine, you may access the HTML documentation files directly without the need for a full-fledged web server, as all necessary resources (CSS, Javascript, and images) are referenced using relative paths and there are no server-side scripts necessary to render the documentation.