Settings and Statistics

Your plugin might need to know information about Traffic Server’s current configuration and performance. The functions described in this section read this information from the Traffic Server records.config file. Configuration settings are stored in CONFIG variables and statistics are stored in PROCESS variables.


Not all CONFIG and PROCESS variables in records.config are relevant to Traffic Server’s configuration and statistics. Therefore, retrieve only the records.config variables that are documented in the Administrator’s Guide.

To retrieve a variable, you need to know its type (int, counter, float, or string). Plugins store the records.config values as an TSMgmtInt, TSMgmtCounter, TSMgmtFloat, or TSMgmtString. You can look up records.config variable types in the Administrator’s Guide.

Depending on the result type, you’ll use TSMgmtIntGet, TSMgmtCounterGet, TSMgmtFloatGet, or TSMgmtStringGet to obtain the variable value (see the example for TSMgmtIntGet().

The TSMgmt*Get functions are: