Naming Conventions

The Traffic Server API adheres to the following naming conventions:

  • The TS prefix is used for all function and variable names defined in the Traffic Server API. Examples: TS_EVENT_NONE,TSMutex, and TSContCreate

  • Enumerated values are always written in all uppercase letters. Examples: TS_EVENT_NONE and TS_VC_CLOSE_ABORT

  • Constant values are all uppercase; enumerated values can be seen as a subset of constants. Examples: TS_URL_SCHEME_FILE and TS_MIME_FIELD_ACCEPT

  • The names of defined types are mixed-case. Examples: TSHttpSsn and TSHttpTxn

  • Function names are mixed-case. Examples: TSUrlCreate and TSContDestroy

  • Function names use the following subject-verb naming style: TS-<subject>-<verb>, where <subject> goes from general to specific. This makes it easier to determine what a function does by reading its name. For example: the function to retrieve the password field (the specific subject) from a URL (the general subject) is TSUrlPasswordGet.

  • Common verbs like Create, Destroy, Get, Set, Copy, Find, Retrieve, Insert, Remove, and Delete are used only when appropriate.