MySQL Remap Plugin

This is a basic plugin for doing dynamic “remaps” from a database. It essentially rewrites the incoming request’s Host header / origin server connection to one retrieved from a database.

The generic proxying setup is the following:

UA ----> Traffic Server ----> Origin Server

Without the plugin a request like:

GET /path/to/something HTTP/1.1

Ends up requesting

With this plugin enabled, you can easily change that to anywhere you desire. Imagine the many possibilities….

We have benchmarked the plugin with ab at about 9200 requests/sec (1.7k object) on a commodity hardware with a local setup of both, MySQL and Traffic Server local. Real performance is likely to be substantially higher, up to the MySQL’s max queries / second.


This plugin is only built if the configure option


is given at build time.


Import the default schema to a database you create:

mysql -u root -p -e "CREATE DATABASE mysql_remap;"   # create a new database
mysql -u root -p mysql_remap < schema/import.sql     # import the provided schema

insert some interesting values in mysql_remap.hostname &

Traffic Server plugin configuration is done inside a global configuration file: /etc/trafficserver/plugin.config: /etc/trafficserver/mysql_remap.ini

The INI file should contain the following values:

mysql_host     = localhost   #default
mysql_port     = 3306        #default
mysql_username = remap_user
mysql_password =
mysql_database = mysql_remap #default

To debug errors, start trafficserver manually using:

traffic_server -T "mysql_remap"

And resolve any errors or warnings displayed.