Combo Handler Plugin

This plugin provides an intelligent way to combine multiple URLs into a single URL, and have Apache Traffic Server combine the components into one response. This is useful for example to create URLs that combine multiple CSS or Javascript files into one.


This plugin is only built if the configure option


is given at build time. Note that this plugin is built and installed in combination with the ESI module, since they share common code.


The arguments in the plugin.config line in order represent

  1. The path that should triggers combo handler (defaults to “admin/v1/combo”)
  2. The name of the key used for signature verification (disabled by default)

A “-” can be supplied as a value for any of these arguments to request default value be applied.

Also, just like the original combohandler, this plugin generates URLs of the form http://localhost/<dir>/<file-path>. <dir> here defaults to l unless specified by the file path in the query parameter using a colon. For example:

Will result in these three pages being fetched:


Remap rules have to be specified to map the above URLs to desired content servers.

The plugin also supports a prefix parameter. Common parts of successive file paths can be extracted and specified separately using a ‘p’ query parameter. Successive file path parameters are appended to this prefix to create complete file paths. The prefix will remain active until changed or cleared (set to an empty string). For example, the query


results in these file paths being “reconstructed”: