Parent Select Plugin

This remap plugin allows selection of parent proxies or origins during requests. This provides the same functionality as the core parent.config and strategies.yaml config files via a plugin.


The purpose of this plugin is to provide a base for creating custom parent selection plugins, as well as to eventually replace the core parent and strategy logic so all nontrivial parent selection will be done via plugins.


This plugin is still experimental, but is included with Traffic Server when you build with the experimental plugins enabled via configure.


This plugin only functions as a remap plugin, and is therefore configured in remap.config.

It requires two options: the strategies config file, and the name of the strategy.

For example, a remap.config line might look like:

map @pparam=strategies.yaml @pparam=example-strategy

This means all remap rules can use the same strategies.yaml file containing multiple strategies, or each remap rule can have its own strategies file, whichever the operator prefers.

Strategies file

The strategies.yaml file is the same format as the core strategies.yaml config file.

See strategies.yaml.