Memcache Plugin

This plugin implements the memcache protocol for cache contents.


Add the following line to plugin.config: 11211

In this case, the plugin will use the default behaviour:

  • Listen for memcache traffic on the default memcache port 11211

  • Write memcache data to the cache in the background (without waiting)


Alternatively, a configuration can also be specified: <path-to-plugin>/sample.tsmemcache.config

After modifying plugin.config, restart Traffic Server (sudo traffic_ctl server restart) the configuration is also re-read when a management update is given (sudo traffic_ctl config reload)


Flags and options are:

port: A single port to listen on for memcache protocol commands.

Options in the code: TSMEMCACHE_WRITE_SYNC whether or not to wait for the write to complete.