Traffic Manager Alarms

Traffic Server signals an alarm when it detects a problem. For example, the space allocated to event logs could be full or Traffic Server may not be able to write to a configuration file.

Email Alarms

To configure Traffic Server to send an email to a specific address whenever an alarm occurs, follow the steps below:

  1. Set proxy.config.alarm_email in records.config to the email address you want to receive alarm notifications.

    CONFIG proxy.config.alarm_email STRING ""
  2. Run the command traffic_ctl config reload to apply the configuration changes.

Using a Script File for Alarms

Alarm messages are built into Traffic Server and cannot be changed. However, you can write a script file to execute certain actions when an alarm is signaled. Traffic Server provides a sample script file named in the bin directory which can serve as the basis for your custom alarm scripts.

Viewing Statistics from Traffic Control

You can use traffic_ctl to view statistics about Traffic Server performance and web traffic. In addition to viewing statistics, you can also configure, stop, and restart the Traffic Server system. For additional information, refer to Configure Traffic Server and traffic_ctl. You can view specific information about a Traffic Server node or cluster by specifying the variable that corresponds to the statistic you want to see.

To view a statistic, enter the following command::

traffic_ctl metric get VARIABLE

where variable is the variable representing the information you want to view. For a list of variables you can specify, refer to traffic_ctl metrics.

For example, the following command displays the document hit rate for the Traffic Server node::

traffic_ctl metric get proxy.node.cache_hit_ratio