The Apache Traffic Server™ documentation is presented as a single manual, sub-divided into the following sections:


The introductory section to the manual as a whole, with a brief exposition on Traffic Server and its general role in a network and application infrastructure. The typographic conventions used in the manual should be covered here to ease readers’ comprehension of the following sections, as well as pointers to additional resources available outside of the manual.

Getting Started

Aimed at administrators and developers new to Traffic Server who wish to install and configure a Traffic Server instance in the least amount of time necessary, without delving into the full feature set or the internals of the Traffic Server architecture.

Administrator’s Guide

Provides in-depth coverage of all Traffic Server features and configurations for use by administrators responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining Traffic Server instances. Troubleshooting, performance tuning, and plugin usage should all be covered in this section of the manual.

Developer’s Guide

Documentation of internal Traffic Server architecture as well as guides on plugin development and debugging are presented in this section.


Glossary, common references to both administrator and developer guides (such as status code tables and command line utility usage), frequently asked questions, and errata should all be located in this final section of the manual.

Within each top-level section, a short introduction should be provided to the content of that section, as well as a brief note on the intended audience. A very high level treatment of each chapter should be presented to allow readers to more easily locate the most relevant chapters for their current needs.