Escalate Plugin

The Escalate plugin allows Traffic Server to try an alternate origin when the origin server in the remap rule is either unavailable or returns specific HTTP error codes. Some services call this failover or fail-action.

Plugin Configuration

The escalate plugin is a remap plugin (not global) and takes a parameter with two delimited fields: comma-separated-error-codes:secondary-origin-server. For instance,


would have Traffic Server send a cache miss to when the origin server in the remap rule returns a 401, 404, 410, or 502 error code.


This option sends the “pristine” Host: header (eg, the Host: header that the client sent) to the escalated request.


This plugin is considered stable and is included with Traffic Server by default. There are no special steps necessary for its installation.


With this line in remap.config

map \ @pparam=401,404,410, @pparam=--pristine

Traffic Server would accept a request for and, on a cache miss, proxy the request to If the response code from that server is a 401, 404, 410, or 502, then Traffic Server would proxy the request to, using a Host: header of